All the Pixels

booth setup.jpg


The Hubble Space telescope provided us with these images weighing in at hundreds of megapixels, enough to provide photo quality detail on a print 6 feet across.  Capturing this detail on a TV screen is impossible, so I decided to do these images justice by printing and backlighting.

I make these framed prints by hand in Cleveland, Ohio.  The frames are made from structural aluminum, which is lightweight, strong, and provides perfect straight edges.  The print material is archive-grade polyester with a special coating that can absorb large amounts of ink (about 70 mL for the largest size print).  Gallery-quality HP pigment inks provide brilliant color that will last a lifetime. The amazing contrast of these prints is achieved by layering and bonding two printed layers, creating deep blacks that make the image "pop".  The largest print packs 100W of LED power, enough to bathe an entire room in an otherworldly glow.

Contact me by email for custom prints or to see all the images I have available.